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Hele Community project aims at building a diversified and sustainable vitality community and a community exchange platform to cultivate a common community value for local and new residents, and to build a community integration mechanism, making the community residents become the main force of community construction, as well as broadening the community’s public service resources and so as to a...[Details]
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五位青年相见恨晚,携手创立一家社企 “大众创业、万众创新”席卷中国,成为一股新浪潮,成千上万的青年人摩拳擦掌,盼望借这股浪潮向...[Details]
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社工应急服务队如何精准服务 2016-10-30
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1 社区公共空间营造:盆耕活化社区 2016-5-23 Download Preview